The Future of Business Lending

The Future of Business Lending

Business lending has evolved into much more than a profit center- It is a path to establish a deep relationship with an enterprise that can lead to greater customer acquisition, cross selling and financial inclusion. So to pave the way for this relationship, the future of business lending is all about fuelling the lenders’ appetite for automation. To overcome challenges related to speed, scale, regulation, and the customer experience—of both borrowing customers and internal lending-process participants.

Ecosystem based lending
Faster go-to-market times
Infrastructure agnostic systems
Pricing models to pay as you grow

Full-Stack, Low-Code Loan Book Evolution Software for Business Loans

Loan Origination


Lend.Business is infrastructure agnostic and can work with all leading cloud platforms. The features in our LOS are pre-configured for reduced costs, faster time to market, greater agility and scalability. With our microservice based architecture, you can also employ ecosystem based lending to leverage multiple integrations, and the best part of all - pay only as you scale and grow!

Loan Management


Lend.Business Loan Management System is equipped to enhance operational productivity and deliver an exemplary loan servicing experience to lenders. It simplifies the challenges your business will face as it grows and efficiently streamlines the process by proactively identifying, classifying, and managing loans on a regular basis through flexible repayment plans and periods.

Loan Collections


To stay one step ahead of unpredictable and informal small businesses, Lend.Business includes a Collections Software designed specifically to manage and service business loans. The collection management system offers management strategies designed for loan recovery, restructuring and collections. With early warning systems, notification engines and advanced features including skip tracing and geo-fencing, ensure your cases never fall through the cracks.

Lending Analytics


Re-imagine customer experiences, empower relationship managers, and adopt intelligent automation techniques with Lend.Business. Leveraging data analytics across the lending life cycle is the last, but not the least piece to complete your end-to-end lending solution. By maximising the use of pre-existing data for acquisition, delinquency management and personalised loan servicing, ensure that you retain only the most profitable portfolios.

Business Loan Variants

Working capital loan Working Capital Loan
Merchant Cash Advance Merchant Cash Advance
Inventory Financing Inventory Financing
Business Line of Credit Business Line of Credit
Debt Consolidation Debt Consolidation
Cash Flow Lending Cash Flow Lending
Invoice Financing Invoice Financing
Supply chain Lending Supply chain Lending

Feature Matrix

Product Definition
Masters Configuration
Pricing Policy
Deviation Matrix
Editing Processes
Creating New Features / Subprocesses
Bureau Reporting
Performance Reporting
Business Analytics
Campaign Management
product desc
CMS powered websites and landing pages
Campaign Analytics
product desc
product desc
Customer Web App
Customer Mobile App
DSA Mobile App
Partner Portals
customer onboard
Geo-Location Tracking
Tracking Loan Application
Eligibility Checks
Personalised Credit Policy
Exposure Validation
Real time Decisioning
In-Principle Approval
Limit Management
Customer Servicing Mobile App
Automated Service Request Handling
Tracking & Monitoring
360 degree Customer view
Loan Foreclosure
Loan Restructuring
Loan Closure
Notifications and Reminders
Multiple Repayment Modes
Mandate Management

Why Lend.In Business

Impact of Lend.Business

Input Conditions arrow

No of Applications simulated : 100


NTB Customers


Preliminary rejection


Rejection at PD


Rejection at RCU


Case with upto 2 applicants

Results arrow

Duration for 100

applications : 2 weeks


Total Cost for processing

100 applications : ₹ 4,11,004

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Pay as You Grow

Take advantage of Technology that grows with your business

Take advantage of Technology that grows with your business

With pay-as-you-grow, we enable you to scale your business exponentially by deploying the solution for your future needs, now! This flexible pricing model helps you launch products quickly while we assess your requirements and design the solution and payments. For more information on the pricing, please get in touch with our team.